Technology Store

The Office of Information Technology sells a variety of technology related items to students and employees at discounted costs. Our products range from software to iPods, and we always strive to pass low costs on to the NU community. To purchase our products, please visit the IT help desk on the first floor of St. Vincent's Hall. Accepted methods of payment are check, and ID card funds.

Our current offerings:

CD-R / DVD-R Mice
Office 2010 Pro USB Printer Cables
Office 2011 Mac 25' Ethernet Cable TV Coax Cable
USB Drive

Prices are often changing, so stop by the help desk for the latest deals.

Buying a new computer?

Take a look at our buying guide to see what to look for when purchasing a computer for college.

Discounted items from GovConnection

GovConnection is Niagara's preferred technology vendor. We encourage our students and staff that are in the market for a new computer or any other piece of technology to contact our sales representative Rob Mitchell at for a personalized quote. Rob offers us good discounts on over 150,000 products available on the GovConnection website. You may also reach him by phone at 1.888.294.0275.