Teaching Is The Career That Makes All Other Careers Possible

Teaching Is The Career That Makes All Other Careers Possible

Do you recall the old expression, if at first you don’t succeed try, and try again? This expression fits the last few years of my life to a T.

My education career began when I graduated from college merely two years ago with a bachelor’s degree in childhood education 1-6 and a concentration in Spanish. Two days after my graduation date, I had my first interview. Naturally, I was told I did not have enough experience under my belt.

After a few more interviews, I decided it was best to begin substituting. I worked in five different school districts. I also began my master’s studies at Niagara in TESOL that fall.

It wasn’t before long when I ran into an English as a new language (ENL) teacher through Erie 1 Boces, who recommended me for a LTS (long-term substitute) position working with English language learners K-5. I thoroughly loved the position and was pleased that this was the path I chose for my second degree in education. That following spring, I worked as a LTS 6th grade reading teacher until the end of the year.

It was at the beginning of this year when I really started to weigh my options. After going on many different interviews for elementary classrooms and TESOL positions, I chose to accept another LTS ENL position at Medina CSD. I worked in Medina until November and, once again, I was on the hunt for my own classroom. I stumbled upon Batavia Jackson Primary, which was in need of an ENL teacher for their K-1 students. I was offered the position at the first interview right before Christmas break.

On my first day of work, I sent an email to every teacher, professor and individuals I can now call friends thanking them for their continued support over the last few years. I ended the email saying “we did it!” 

Since that day, I have worked rigorously in my classroom, setting it up exactly how I imagined it would be someday. I have had the luxury to take on 10 darling English language learners K-1 students who, ironically, are all girls. The students come from different backgrounds and languages spoken in the home such as Spanish, Hindu, and Chinese.  

Since January, I have also become familiar with parents in the Batavia community and begun assisting a colleague in teaching adult ESOL classes. This all has been my dream for many years and I am so thankful it has all happened for me.

When Niagara University’s College of Education asked if I would be interested in sharing my story, I thought, absolutely. All through my studies in college you would hear “there are no jobs in education,” “or you will have to move out of state,” “or don’t become a teacher!” I am here to say that there are jobs, you do not have to move and being a teacher is the most rewarding job there is. In fact, “teaching is the career that makes all other careers possible.”

I thank Niagara for this opportunity to share my story and for preparing me to pursue this career path, as I will be graduating this May 2017.

Continued gratitude,

Jenna Mrzywka