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Navigating your finances can be an opportunity to learn more about what the United States expects of its citizens. To assist with common financial obligations and situations you will encounter, please reference this page.  

In this particular section, you will find information regarding New York state taxpaying requirements. They may not be relied upon in preparing your individual tax return.

For non-immigrants, both the principal and dependents, in F or J status that are considered “nonresidents for tax purposes” are required to file an individual income tax form. This needs to be completed even if the non-immigrant does not have any source of United States income of any kind, if they were in the United States during the tax year, which runs Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.

During the tax year, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, individuals who work in the United States or have other United States income have taxes withheld from their total earnings. On April 15 of the following year, the individual must file an “income tax return” with federal tax authorities. They may also need to file with tax authorities in the state(s) which one was employed during the particular year. After your taxes are filed, a tax return report will display your total income and will either request a refund if more taxes were withheld than was required or you may need to pay additional taxes that are owed. The Internal Revenue Service is the United States government agency that is responsible for the collection of the federal income taxes.

The Office of International Relations is neither qualified nor permitted to answer questions from international students regarding their tax information or tax liabilities. In order to assist one with international student taxes including filling a nonresident tax return, or to generate a completed 8843 Form, we recommend a user-friendly web-based nonresident alien tax preparation service. This service is called GLACIER Tax Prep.

International students and scholars can register with the GLACIER Tax Prep website and from their complete federal nonresident tax forms. In order to have a complete federal tax return, you will include either Form 1040R or Form 1040NR-EZ, depending on your situation and lastly, Form 8843. If you do not have a social security number and have had non-employment income, GLACIER will also generate a Form W-7, which is an application form for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and is sent with your other federal tax forms. Non-employment income is considered a scholarship grant, fellowship and/or stipend.  

GLACIER Tax Prep will assist in completing all required nonresident federal forms according to your answers that you provide the service with. When you have paid and registered, you will have to print the forms, then sign and date them accordingly and finally follow the provided mailing instructions. Below is a list of forms that GLACIER Tax Prep may generate for you. The links also provide any instruction booklet on the IRS website if you want to see them before you begin your tax return with GLACIER Tax Prep. It is recommended that you review the instruction booklets but is not necessary.    

Obtaining Current New York State Tax Forms

GLACIER Tax Prep does not prepare any state and local tax returns. New York state forms are available at the  New York State Current Tax Forms website.

New York State Nonresident Forms
Instructions for IT-203 and IT-203B
New York State Resident Forms
Instructions for IT-201