Take the Leap

by Kassandra Grys on July 22, 2015
Take the Leap

Kassandra Grys, a school counseling graduate student, was recently hired as a math teacher at Wilson High School!

I graduated last May with what I thought was a solid, definite, unchanging plan. I was going to get accepted into the school counseling program at Niagara; I was going to be offered a graduate assistantship; I was going to work extremely hard and finish in two years; and I was going to accept a teaching position and move out west. 

The plan was going along perfectly – I was accepted, and I did gratefully accept a graduate assistantship position in the College of Education. I finished my first year of graduate work and was well on my way to being finished for the May 2016 commencement date. Everything was falling into place, and I felt great about where I was.

And then, I got an email from a past cooperating teacher…

If there is one thing I am not – I am not someone who takes risks with my future. I had every last detail planned out for my graduate career, and then some. Nothing was going to make me reroute my future endeavors.

Nothing – except that email from Mrs. Carrie Choate…

Carrie emailed me to inform me of a math vacancy that was released the previous day for Wilson High School. She requested that I email the principal immediately to obtain the information needed for the application. He convinced me to apply, and there I was, thrown into a whirlwind of application forms, interviews and sample lessons. I also had friends and family making sure I knew not to get my hopes up.

"New teachers just don’t get jobs" seems to be the popular opinion these days.

Well, one month ago, I was offered the position at Wilson High School. I accepted wholeheartedly, and haven’t turned back. I have since learned that I will have three preps, which as a first-year teacher makes me pretty anxious. I will also be teaching all grade levels – from freshmen to seniors.

If there is one thing I have gained through this crazy roller coaster of an experience, it is to "go with the flow." If an opportunity presents itself, reach for the stars – even if all odds are against you, and always take the leap.

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