TAAP is for incoming NU freshmen with social work students having priority. As this is our first year, it is likely we’ll cap TAAP enrollment at roughly 15 participants. We are actively working on the programing, but during the week you can expect to: 

  • Be engaged with one or more social service agencies that serve the poor where you will provide direct services and be involved in several local programs that seek to aid those in poverty.
  • Be exposed to many individuals, families and children who live in poverty and who are in need of your help.
  • Be able to job shadow with social workers and others who work with those in poverty on a daily basis.
  • Be educated about social service agencies and how they work.
  • Be provided with educational information about poverty in the U.S. and globally.
  • Be able to spend time with current NU social work students.
  • Be able to meet and “team up” with other incoming NU freshmen, especially social work majors.
  • Much more.

Our Learn and Serve Office will track the number of hours you spend on TAAP. It is unlikely that your professors will count these hours toward fall or spring L&S course requirements, but you can always ask the professor!

We are working on having TAAP commuters in the residence halls for the week of TAAP. More information will be coming soon, but commuters are welcome in TAAP. If you need rides to participate in TAAP, let us know and we'll do our best to help.


There is an $85 fee for participating in TAAP. The monies will be used primarily for transportation and food.

TAAP is primarily for incoming social work majors, but if there is room, we'd be glad to have AEP, sociology and other majors join us for the week. Please apply and we'll be in touch as enrollment becomes clearer.

We are working on the exact day to day activities, but essentially plan to be busy from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. each day.

We have multiple goals for TAAP: directly aiding the poor, learning about the challenges faced by those in poverty and the related challenges of trying to provide help that makes a real difference, meeting other NU students and faculty who share an interest in helping the poor, learning about agencies that provide services and their challenges, meeting and shadowing social workers in the field, and much more.

Yes, we will arrange transportation as needed.

It depends on the agency. Community Missions Inc. (one of our primary TAAP partners) has many locations throughout Niagara County.

Yes, we will arrange for meals each day either on or off campus as needed.

Participating students will be housed in the NU residence halls. If you are planning to live in the residence halls in the fall, you will most likely move into your actual room. We are hoping to be able to have commuter students in the residence halls for the week of TAAP and are working on that idea. More information will be forthcoming.

Social work majors (and those considering social work as a major) have priority, but we are open to any incoming student regardless of major as long as we have room (20 is the maximum and we are really targeting 15 participants). Contact us with any questions and we'll do our best to get you involved in TAAP.

Contact any of the TAAP faculty or student leaders (their emails can be found on the TAAP Leaders page) and we'll be glad to answer all questions.