Susan B. Anthony Writing Award

The Susan B. Anthony writing award is open to any Niagara University undergraduate who writes a critical paper about women’s issues.

Two Awards Will Be Given:

  • One to a first-year student
  • One to a sophomore, junior, or senior


  • Length for first-year students: 4-15 pages.
  • For sophomores, juniors and seniors: 6-15 pages.
  • A condensed version of an honors thesis chapter is acceptable.

Submissions Will Be Evaluated on These Criteria:

  • Paper must exhibit sensitivity to women’s issues.
  • Paper must have been written for an undergraduate course at Niagara University within the last three semesters.
  • For first-year students, paper must:  a) exhibit high-quality research and appropriate documentation, or b) must closely examine a primary text about women or women's issues, or c) must critically examine a woman's issue.
  • For sophomores, juniors, and seniors, paper must: exhibit high-quality research, and include appropriate documentation.
  • Paper must exhibit high-quality writing and include a clear thesis.
  • Paper must be of interest to a general audience.
  • Resubmitted papers will not be accepted unless substantially revised.
  • Only one submission per student is allowed.
  • Submit four paper copies, double-sided.
  • Do not put any identifying information on your paper. When you submit your copies, you will complete a cover sheet with identifying information.
  • Submission deadline is Friday, January 31, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. at 124 Timon Hall, mailbox of Dr. Shannon Risk. 

The winners will receive a monetary award at the annual Susan B. Anthony birthday celebration on Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, from 6-7:30 p.m. in BIS 350.

Thank you to the College of Arts and Sciences for funding this award.

Previous Winners of the Susan B. Anthony Writing Award



Winning Paper


Marissa Seib

“Refusing to Accept ‘No’: Dorothea Dix and the Asylum Reform Movement”


Emily Mager

“Women: The Underrated Heroes of the American Civil War” (honorable mention)


Olivia Takacs

“The Modern and Contemporary Pieta: Authentic Females’ Perspective of Motherhood”  (honorable mention)


Erika Ruggieri

"Equal Pay, Any Day"


Marissa Seib

"The Madness Behind the Bly-lines"


Sara Anderson

"Diversification of the Literary Canon"


Sara Anderson

"Jane Eyre: Feminist of the Victorian Era"


Emily Bork

"Hunger as a Dual Entity in Carmen Laforet's novel, Nada: A Literary Case Study of Franco's Post-Civil War Spain"


Merve Oduncu

"Two Different Judiths: A Comparison of Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentilischi's Depictions"


Sarah Page

"Under the British Raj: Women and Gender in British India"


Jessica Yagoda

"Women Matter: The Importance of Women in Science and Engineering"


Marissa Felser

"The Origin of Turkey's Headscarf Ban and the Implications for Women: Past and Present"


Amy Young

"Media's Construction of the 'Perfect' Body: Taking a Closer Look at Weight Loss Supplements"


Kelsey McGinty

"The Woman Caught in Adultery: The Story of Forgiveness, A Closer Look at John 7:53-8:12"


Elizabeth Trzaska

"The Perception of Women in the Workplace"


Kaitlin Harvey

"C'est un Monde de Femmes: Simone de Beauvoir's Unique Approach to Resisting a Patriarchal Society"


Sebastian Galbo

"'A Landscape of Imperfections': Sylvia Plath's Quest for Dismantling and Reconstructing Natural Landscapes in Patriarchal Literary Traditions"


Colline Landry

"When Is It Enough? How Media's Portrayal of Women Is Affecting Women in Real Life"


Daphne Wyse

"I'll Cut Off My Hair and March Off to War"


Sarah Chaudhry

"Rape Culture" (Honorable Mention)


Lauren Ceier

"The Woman Behind the Mask: Living in a TIme In Which She Had No Voice" (Honorable Mention)


Sarah Traphagen

"'The Walls of Her Forsaken Home Seemed to Encircle Her': Dorcas Bourne's Domestication of the Foreign in Hawthorne's 'Roger Malvin's Burial'"


Kelly Jabar

“Women’s Rights in the Middle East: Islam vs. Culture”


Betty Andropolis

“From Interdependence to ‘Female Parasitism’: The Evolution of Marriage, Motherhood and Women’s Loss of Identity due to the Rise of the ‘Sexuo-Economic Relationship’ ”


Meghan Anson

“‘Cruel-hungry’: Appetite in Elizabeth Stoddard’s The Morgensons”


Nola Cornett-Heidrich

“Gender Perceptions and Battered Women Who Kill: It Matters Who the Jurors Are”


Kristen Wagner

“Manipulating the Account of Hannah Dustan”


Katie Young

“Female Genital Mutilation: An Increasingly Global Concern”


Michelle A. Cooke

“The Conditioning of Children to Fit Stereotypical Gender Roles”


Patricia Alaimo

“Words, Memory and a Young Mind: In Tina DeRosa’s Paper Fish”