Center For Supply Chain Excellence

The Center for Supply Chain Excellence is dedicated to promoting regional education in supply chain business fields, especially logistics, transportation and global trade.

A collaborative relationship between business firms, the university, and College of Business Administration faculty and staff will guide the center's growth, direction and resources.

The advisory board consists of distinguished supply chain executives from the U.S., Canada, and representatives from the College of Business Administration and includes:

  • Debora Alessi, Roswell Park
  • Joe Berti, Speed Global
  • Ken Bieger, Niagara Falls Bridge Commission
  • Jacqueline Buckles, J.B. Hunt
  • Michael Carroll, Canusa Logistics
  • Wayne Devantier, Linde
  • Wendell Erb, The Erb Group of Companies
  • Jerry Hoban, J.B. Hunt
  • Michael Hogan, Fourth Street Partners
  • Gary Hull, Harborside Capital Resources
  • Monique Kack-North, Logistics Solutions & Services
  • Mary Kiener, Rich Products
  • Katy Martin, IBM
  • Mike Riccio, More Than Miles Consulting
  • Robert Rich III, ROAR Logistics
  • John Tillison, A. Duie Pyle, Inc.
  • Robert Wellner, Liberty Shipping Group

Niagara University 

  • Jack Ampuja, Niagara University
  • Mark Frascatore, Niagara University
  • Jim Kling, Niagara University
  • Phil Catanese, Niagara University
  • Ann Rensel, Niagara University
  • Vince Rinaldo, Niagara University (Canada)
  • Gerry Catalano, Niagara University

 For more information please contact Gerry Catalano, program coordinator, or Phillip Catanese, director of centers & college outreach.