Supervisor's Guide

Supervising Student Employees


For many student employees, their student employment position will be their first job.  As a supervisor, you are an integral part of the student employment program by providing training and support to our students to grow as professionals. Campus employment provides students with an opportunity for a great experience in a safe environment to gain valuable skills they can apply to their careers after college. 

The responsibility for overseeing and managing the student employment function is a collaborative process between Career Services, Financial Aid and the Payroll Office. The Student Employment Coordinator is located within Career Services and is responsible for managing information regarding student employment opportunities, supporting students in their pursuit of employment, working with supervisors, and maintaining compliance with government and federal regulations including I-9s and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Financial Aid determines Federal Work Study eligibility, awards work study to eligible students, and administers payroll for the Federal Work Study Program.  The Payroll Office processes paychecks, W-2s and manages applicable tax regulations for temporary, part-time student employees.  In general, the Student Employment Coordinator should be the primary contact for any questions with regarding your student employee(s).  

This site is a resource for supervisors to locate: