Study Abroad Student Experiences

  • Prague is one of the most beautiful places in Europe - and one of the affordable. The biggest expense will be getting to Prague. If you fly from Rome or Paris, you'll end out spending about $175... Read on →

  • Discover The World - A Weekend in Munich

    Munich is a great place for day trips, but there is not a whole lot to do right in the city (unless if you enjoy drinking and are there for Oktoberfest). I flew to Munich from Paris for $110... Read on →

  • Discover The World - A Day in Athens

    First of all, I don't really recommend going to Athens. It's a very sketchy area, full of graffiti and isn't as pretty as it's made out to be. If you still feel the need to see sites like the... Read on →

  • Discover The World - A Weekend in Rome

    A weekend in Rome can be really affordable. You can get almost anywhere in the city using the metro or simply walking. The main tourist attractions in Rome fall between the Vatican and the Colosseum.... Read on →

  • Discover The World - Finding Your Balance

    Lagos, Portugal 5:55 a.m.We were once again on our way to catch a sunrise in a new country. Driving through the night to explore new places has kind of become a norm for us. Trying to maximize our... Read on →

  • Discover The World - Perception

    The struggle is the beauty. The most satisfying thing is the sense of accomplishment after putting your mind to something.One can take anything in life and apply this concept. If you fall in love with... Read on →

  • Discover The World - Spain

    Road Trip Throughout SpainLife is about creating your own path and being happy each and every step of that path. You can take that saying metaphorically or literally like we did. We created our... Read on →

  • Discover The World - Goals and Dreams

    Goals and Dreams…Growing up, everybody has dreams.Whether they are big or small it doesn’t matter and what fascinates me is that dreams drive people to become better human beings and accomplish... Read on →

  • Discover The World - Across the "Pond"

    Writing from a coffee shop in Rome – Life overseas is different. Obviously, there is a constant language barrier and cultural shock of living in a new place, but what nobody tells you is that... Read on →

  • Discover The World - Snowball Effect

    Swiss Alps One gondola ride up the mountain and before you know it, dreams were becoming reality. Seeing the Swiss Alps in person, skiing through the fresh powder, taking in the exquisite views,... Read on →

  • South Korea - Day 8 in Seoul!

    South Korea - Day 8 in Seoul!

    by Brock Curtis on September 16, 2015

    Day 8I've had many special days thus far here in Seoul, but Day 8 has stood out to me...After a long night out with friends, I was finally able to sleep in late on a Thursday morning because of... Read on →

  • Vietnam - A New Adventure!

    Vietnam - A New Adventure!

    by Zachary Clark on September 4, 2015

    Vietnam is a country of beauty, excitement and deep-rooted culture. That is what I wanted to see when I signed up for this amazing experience. But with the help of Dr. Le, Dr. Choong and Ed... Read on →

  • Discover the World

    My name is Cassandra, and I am currently a senior here at Niagara University. In May 2012, I will be graduating with a dual major of French and the Romance languages, and a minor in communications and... Read on →

  • Busy in Barcelona

    Busy in Barcelona

    by Briana Neale on February 10, 2015

    This weekend, a group of about 20 of us (half of our program) decided to travel to Barcelona to take in the unique sights and culture of Spain’s second largest city (next to the capital, Madrid). We... Read on →

  • Calpe - Spain Experience

    Calpe - Spain Experience

    by Briana Neale on February 9, 2015

    Over the weekend some of us went on a hike high above Calpe, Spain (near Alicante). A friend gave me the idea to take some pictures representing Niagara University, so of course I wanted to share them... Read on →

  • Two Weeks in Dublin

    Two Weeks in Dublin

    by Chris Haggard on February 5, 2015

    To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first about the whole thing. Anxious, yes, but I've never been out of the country, and flying over the Atlantic seemed kind of scary. All in all, the... Read on →

  • London Experience

    London Experience

    by Carol Henessy on February 5, 2015

    Studying abroad was honestly the best decision I made throughout my college career. I knew ever since my freshman year at Niagara University that I wanted to study abroad during the spring semester of... Read on →