Study Abroad Student Experiences

  • This weekend, a group of about 20 of us (half of our program) decided to travel to Barcelona to take in the unique sights and culture of Spain’s second largest city (next to the capital, Madrid). We... Read on →

  • Vietnam is a country of beauty, excitement and deep-rooted culture. That is what I wanted to see when I signed up for this amazing experience. But with the help of Dr. Choong and Ed Kowalewski, I was... Read on →

  • My name is Cassandra, and I am currently a senior here at Niagara University. In May, I will be graduating with a dual major in French and the Romance languages, and a minor in communications and... Read on →

  • To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first about the whole thing.Anxious, yes, but I've never been out of the country, and flying over the Atlantic seemed kind of scary. All in all, the... Read on →

  • Studying abroad was honestly the best decision I made throughout my college career. I knew ever since my freshman year at Niagara University that I wanted to study abroad during the spring semester of... Read on →

  • Day 8I've had many special days thus far here in Seoul, but Day 8 has stood out to me...After a long night out with friends, I was finally able to sleep in late on a Thursday morning because of... Read on →

  • Road Trip Throughout SpainLife is about creating your own path and being happy each and every step of that path. You can take that saying metaphorically or literally like we did. We created our... Read on →

  • A weekend in Rome can be really affordable. You can get almost anywhere in the city using the metro or simply walking. The main tourist attractions in Rome fall between the Vatican and the Colosseum.... Read on →