Student Spotlights

Emillie Wright

Emillie Wright (Class of 2020)

Tustin, California

I chose NU for numerous reasons. Near the top was the opportunity to play Division I volleyball. Upon my first visit to NU, I instantly fell in love with the staff, my teammates, and people I met on campus that left me immediately wanting to come back! You cannot beat the small tight-knit community that NU provides.

The small class size is another amazing luxury. As a student, you are able to build relationships with your professors and gain face-to-face help and mentoring that can really make a difference.

When choosing a school to play volleyball, academics were a top priority. It was important for me to find a fit, both in and out of the gym. NU provided me with just that, a variety of majors that fit my interest, and a great support system to lead me in the right direction for a career path.

Emillie Wright playing volleyball for Niagara University

Coming all the way from California, not knowing what to expect, NU has opened me up to so many things and welcomed me into the Purple Eagle family. The volleyball program helped me establish so many important life skills and the opportunity to play at a high level. I love supporting all NU sports and going to cheer on my friends.

I got involved on campus and was able to become a leader. I am an officer for the student athletics advisory community and the Niagara University Marketing Association. NU has given me so many opportunities and opened so many doors to lead me into a successful future.

Overall, my experience at NU was nothing at all what I expected, but everything that I hoped for! The relationships I made, the skills I have learned, and the memories I have made will always stay with me.