Student Spotlights

Josh Tufino

Josh Tufino (Class of 2020)

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Niagara University not only provided me with an opportunity to play on the Division I men’s soccer team, but also gave me a sense of home and belonging that no other school was able to give me. Coming from my hometown in Canada, it was scary to understand the sense you will be placed in a whole different environment and country. I was afraid of the culture change and whether people (specifically my team) would embrace my differences. I was glad that everyone embraced my differences of where I am from - rather than treat me differently.

Most importantly, Niagara gave me the ability to do what I love since I was young while getting my education at the same time. This, along with its excellent professors and beautiful campus, made it clear that NU was the best fit for me.

NU has offered me a quality education and inspired me to pursue new passions. I have learned to integrate these new passions into campus activities, where I am not only doing what I love, but also enhancing the experience of the students.

Josh Tufino celebrating with a soccer teammate.

From the Division I men’s soccer standpoint, I was able to feel like a professional athlete. such as traveling to amazing cities and states such as Florida, Vermont, and Tennessee. Traveling and building a deeper connection with my teammates relieved all the exterior stresses surrounding my life and helped me become a better person. I developed crucial skills such as time management and became independent due to the fact that, as we played so much and traveled so often every fall, I was obliged to make sure that I kept up with my schoolwork even when I couldn’t attend lectures.

I found my second love as a DJ where I have gained experiences working with various events that I would have not thought myself to be a part of. Being a part of charities, military ball, residence life and even sorority events has helped me get a better understanding of what happens around the school while helping their event become even more special. One of the most memorable moments that I have was being able to perform at the spring concert in front of thousands of people. This made me so appreciative of not only being the school, but for the actual students who helped me obtain that opportunity.