Student Spotlights

Lindsey Pastuszynski

Lindsey Pastuszynski (Class of 2020)

Hamburg, N.Y.

I decided to enroll at Niagara University because I felt a bigger presence of family and community on Niagara's campus as compared to any other school I visited.

I like that I can interact with professors and that they keep students, myself included, engaged in intellectual conversations. They also relate to students on personal levels and I find that I get more out of those classes.

When I am not in class, I go to theatre (either watching or performing in shows), I go to CPB events (especially the ones with free food!), and I hang out with my friends.

I am an orientation leader. This has taught me patience, how to be more outgoing and how to reach people on different levels. Since the classes of incoming freshman and transfer students are so diverse in personalities, backgrounds, majors and interests, I have learned how to get on students' levels so that I can relate to them in order to make them feel at home at Niagara.

I would tell a student who is thinking about enrolling at NU to think about what they are interested in, what they are looking for at a college, and how they want to feel when they step foot on a campus. Then I would challenge them to visit NU. NU accommodates so many different interests, provides so many different academic and extracurricular opportunities, and when you walk onto campus, you immediately feel like you're home.