Student Spotlights

Joi-Alexis Johnson

Joi-Alexis Johnson (Class of 2020)

Social Work
Buffalo, N.Y.

I enrolled at Niagara University, in large part, because of the people I met at Open House. They were genuine and open about the experiences and opportunities that they had here. Small classes and campus activities were something that I looked for in a college as well.

I like being able to connect with my professors outside of class during office hours and the largest class I have had during my college career consisted of 24 people.

When I’m not in class, I am involved with SOAR 40:31. I love this group because they are dedicated to building community and connecting people to Christ. I am also the programming assistant to the coordinator in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, where we help create events to bring cultural awareness to Niagara.

Through my involvement with SOAR and the diversity committee, I have learned how to better communicate and connect with people and how to be an advocate for students on campus who want change.

NU offers so much. Small classes mean you have more access to professors and you know the faces in your class. The campus is small enough to navigate and know your resources, but big enough for you to have the opportunity to meet someone new. There are also so many clubs and activities you can become involved with. At Niagara, you have the opportunity to create a club, so there is literally no way you can be left out.