Student Spotlights

Carrie Cosco

Carrie Cosco (Class of 2020)

Social Work
Syracuse, N.Y.

I decided to enroll at Niagara because of the Academic Exploration Program (AEP) that is offered here. I was very overwhelmed with the idea of choosing a major when I had absolutely no idea what career I wanted to pursue. I figured I might as well go to a school that encourages me to go in undecided rather than pick a major that I was most likely going to end up switching anyways.

As a social work major, many of my classes require 25 hours of community service. I am able to volunteer with most agencies within the Niagara Falls community of my choice in order to complete the hours. This gives me hands-on experience and puts me in the field of social work by interacting with clients and professionals from the start of freshman year.

This has allowed for me to find out areas of social work I like and do not like, which ultimately helped me narrow which field of work I intend to pursue. I am very thankful for IMPACT because it truly has helped me figure out where and how I thrive outside of Niagara University.

When I am not in class, I mostly spend time with my friends. Living in the residence halls was the best time of my life; all of my best friends were within 20 feet of me all of the time.

There was always something going on in the dorms. Whether there was a building program or we were just hanging out, spending time with the same cohort that is experiencing similar life changes added to my college experience immensely. I met some of my best friends by living in the dorms.

On campus, I am an orientation leader. I am also president of the club field hockey team. From being in these leadership positions, I have realized that you have control over whether your college experience is good or not. It’s what you make out of it.

From being an OL, I have made so many connections with other students and faculty members here at Niagara. These have led to long-lasting friendships.

On top of that, working with and sharing respect for administrators here on campus has - and will - continue to benefit me by providing opportunities for me to be more successful. It has also taught me different levels of professionalism and leadership skills that will help me when I am applying for graduate schools and other jobs in the future.