Students Called to Active Military Duty

The following policies and procedures have been developed to assist students who are called to active military duty during a semester.

Academic Options

  • Incomplete Grades: Students may be given incomplete grades in one or more courses after the tenth week of the semester. The thirty-day deadline for completing the course will be waived and appropriate requirements and time-lines will be developed. It may be possible to complete one or more courses while on active duty. This option should be explored.
  • Partial Withdrawal: Students may withdraw for one or more courses at any time during the semester. A grade of "W" will be assigned.
  • Total Withdrawal: Students may withdraw from all courses at any time during the semester. A grade of "W" will be assigned to all courses.

Financial Policy

Niagara University will provide a full refund of tuition, fees and other institutional charges, or a credit in a comparable amount against future changes, for students who are forced to withdraw because of military mobilization. The unused portion of the room and board charges will be credited to the accounts of any students who choose the "incomplete option".

If a Title IV eligible student withdraws because of being called to active duty, or has been otherwise impacted by the military mobilization, Niagara University will perform the Return of Title IV Funds calculations that are required by the statute and regulations (34 CFR 688.22). If those calculations result in the school being required to return funds to one or more of the Title IV programs, it must do so. In many cases such a return of funds by Niagara will reduce the student's loan debt. The full policy for refunding Title IV funds is available in the Financial Aid Office.


  • Students who are called to active duty are asked to contact their dean.
  • The dean will review the academic options with the student.
  • If the student opts to withdraw, the dean will initiate the withdrawal from and ask the student to take the form to the Dean of Enrollment Management in the Records Office. The Records Office will process the form. Students will be asked to supply the name and phone number of their unit, and a copy of their orders.
  • If the student opts to take an incomplete grade in one or more of the courses, the dean will initiate the form and coordinate with the instructor(s) to establish the requirements and time-line for completing the course(s). The instructor will assign an "I" grade and submit a copy of the incomplete form with the final roster. The dean will notify the Dean of Enrollment Management of the student's departure for active duty and the academic arrangements that have been made.
  • The Refund Committee will coordinate all refunds.
  • Students returning from active duty should contact the Director of Admissions to begin the readmission process.