Student Testimonials

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“The Spanish program at NU has allowed me to truly immerse myself in the language. I’ve significantly improved my ability to understand and communicate in Spanish while also learning more about the diverse cultures that speak the language. As an accounting student, this has also improved my career prospects for working with a diverse clientele. I plan to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain, and I am truly excited for the experience of a lifetime! This would not have been possible without the Spanish program.” A. J.

"Studying Spanish in college has allowed me to travel and adapt to many different situations with ease. I think learning a second language is vital to individual growth and each Spanish class allowed me at NU allowed me to learn not only the language, but the history and literature of many Spanish speaking countries." E. C.

"I liked it initially because I thought the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries were really cool to learn, but then it worked out for my career too. As a pharmacist, Spanish is a pretty common other language to come by, so it gives me the ability to connect with my patients better. I’ve spoken Spanish while giving Covid shots and they were thankful to be able to understand me while I was counseling them." A. W. 

"I enjoyed being a Spanish major because it strengthened my language skills and taught me about new cultures as well as allowed me to form strong relationships with professors and students. It influenced me to travel and get experiential learning experience abroad. It helped me to be more understanding of other cultures and understand the challenges of living in a society which is different than your own, - a valuable perspective that helps me in the work that I do today." B. N.

"Being a Spanish major allowed me to continue pursuing something I had always been passionate about, and to do it alongside equally passionate peers and friends was so special. We created our own community based on a shared love which brings such a sense of fulfillment. The Spanish professors challenged us but believed in us and that allowed us to dive so much deeper into the language and culture than I would have ever anticipated until being immersed in it. The program opened my eyes to other perspectives, lifestyles, and injustices in the world. In addition to continuing to study something I was excited about, I was also empowered to be a better person and ally. I can’t imagine my life not having pursued a second major in Spanish. Learning another language is never going to do anything less than elevate your life opportunities, but it’s so, so much more than that." K. F.