Student Email

All Niagara University students will be given a Niagara University email account; you will receive this information from the Office of Admissions in your acceptance packet. Additionally, your e-mail address is listed in your profile section on myNU.

Student email can be found by clicking the "Mail" tab in myNU or directly in Google Apps.


Niagara University Usage

Niagara University uses e-mail as an official method of communication. Students are responsible for checking their University e-mail regularly. Official Niagara University e-mails may be sent by faculty and staff.

Niagara University instructors may set guidelines in the classroom defining how students use email in their course.  

The disciplinary rules for e-mail may be found in the Student Code of Conduct, the RESNET Acceptable Use Policy, and the Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources policy.


Niagara University student email accounts are generated and purged automatically based on enrollment status.  Students will keep their account for six months after their withdrawal or graduation, after which they will be purged.  Once purged, accounts cannot be created again unless the student enrolls at Niagara.

If I have questions or problems, what can I do?

  • Visit the IT Help Desk in St. Vincent Annex with your  ID for assistance Monday-Friday.
  • Call 716.286.8040.
  • Submit a service request