Student Blogs

  • Friends Forever

    Friends Forever

    by Michael Stilson on September 10, 2012

    Hey...againComing to Niagara, I thought that I'd maybe have one friend. Boy was I wrong!I have none. Just kidding!I was pleasantly surprised to find that people at Niagara are extremely nice. Let me... Read on →

  • Purple Pride

    Purple Pride

    by Sarah Hanson on September 7, 2012

    Hi, everyone!  My name is Sarah Hanson and I'm a member of the class of 2016. I'm so excited to blog for all of you, because I know that the student blogs helped me feel more comfortable about going... Read on →

  • New Semester, New Opportunities.

    Hi-ya there!  I can't believe that it is almost February. Where did this month go? I must say that my second semester is a lot less stressful. I thought I'd just tell you guys what has happened so... Read on →