Industries & Qualifications

Industry Information & Selection Criteria

Niagara University intends to partner with businesses that align with or further the academic mission of the institution as well as create positive community and economic benefits. In particular, NU is focused upon attracting industries that support the strategic investment areas of the Western New York Regional Economic Council. For instance:

  • Hospitality and Tourism – building upon its global reputation in hospitality and tourism management, Niagara University will seek businesses that contribute to this industry as an economic driver in Western New York. It is important to note that many hospitality-related businesses such as restaurants and hotels are not eligible for the START-UP NY program. Rather, the university is interested in technology-related companies that are aligned with the hospitality and tourism industry as a catalyst for economic development. 
  • Health and Life Sciences – Niagara University will seize opportunities to build upon investments made in the health and life sciences sector by partnering with businesses that conduct research, create devices or develop pharmaceuticals. In accordance with program regulations, the institution cannot consider businesses that provide direct or indirect patient care.
  • Advanced Manufacturing/Advanced Technologies – companies in the fields of logistics, cyber security or other related technologies that align with academic programs at Niagara University are of particular interest for partnership.

Niagara University will seek businesses whose presence on campus will:

  • Enhance the comprehensive undergraduate, graduate education and professional education programs offered.
  • Contribute to research in the fields of STEM, logistics, hospitality, tourism and educational leadership.
  • Aid the institution’s commitment to nurturing and benefiting from cultural, economic and other forms of diversity.
  • Boost an already significant contribution to regional economic development.
  • Provide internship and training opportunities to NU students.
  • Direct job opportunities for campus graduates.
  • Contribute to the university’s growing commitment to globalization and/or enhance specific areas of specialization such as nursing, healthcare administration, business, education, professional programs, opportunities for veterans and other broad areas of interest for the institution and regional community.

Note that the following business sectors do not qualify under the START-UP NY program

  • Retail/Wholesale
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Law Firms
  • Medical or Dental Practices
  • Real Estate Management
  • Hospitality
  • Financial Services
  • Personal Services
  • Administrative Support Services
  • Accounting Firms
  • Utility Providers
  • Electricity Generation and Distribution

Basic Criteria for Eligibility

  • A new company in New York state. 
  • A company from out-of-state that is relocating to New York state. 
  • Expansion of an existing company in New York state that will lead to new job creation.
  • Eligible businesses may not locate in an area where they would compete with existing local businesses.