Weekly Guide

Time Frame Cooperating/Associate Teacher (C/A) Teacher Candidate (T/C)
Week 1
Receive packet of NU material from Candidate.
Review CT/AT Responsibilities (1st week).
Model classroom teaching / management strategies.
Share classroom   resources.
CT/AT and Candidate discuss Questions   to Ask in 1st Week (in Handbook).
Assist Candidate to organize 3-ring binder.
Begin joint lesson planning with Candidate.
Letter from Associate to Parents.
Encourage Candidate to observe other classes.
Give CT/AT packet of NU materials.
Review Teacher Candidate Responsibilities.
Observe, reflect. Discuss Questions  with Associate
Set up 3-ring daily organizer.
Prepare a Letter of Introduction to Parents from Candidate.
Assist CT/AT with students/classroom routines.
Begin writing observation notes re: students and classroom management/routines, seating plan.
Complete Classroom Organization and Management & Checklist. Review Supervisory Visit  protocol.
Review applicable Standards in Appendix III
Organize Daily Organization Plan Book on daily basis.
Review Common Teaching Errors to Avoid.
Week 2
Begin team teaching with Candidate.
Review Prior to Lessons (in Handbook).
Discuss teaching schedule, submission of lessons for approval, lesson planning format, unit planning, school involvement, use of resources/technology.
Complete Preliminary Report.
Report arising issues to Field Supervisor.
Review Lesson Planning Components.`
Discuss timeline with Associate for submitting lesson plans for approval prior to teaching.
Include all lesson plans, observation notes, and Associate evaluations in Daily Plan Book.
Review Lesson Preparation
Complete Using Instructional Materials & Checklist.
Candidate   to hand-deliver Preliminary Report to Field Supervisor
Week 3
Candidate assumes lesson planning and teaching schedule.
Discuss Lesson Plan Components with Candidate.
Review During Lesson, Following Lesson, General.
**Require written lesson plans to be submitted for approval by designated time.
Complete Mid-Way Teacher Candidate Report.  Discuss with Candidate.
Include all lesson plans, observation notes, supervisor feedback and Associate evaluations in Organization  Binder.
Review Lesson Preparation, Student-Teacher Rapport, Classroom Management.
Complete Class Instruction on Checklist.
Reflect on progress of Transition from Student to Classroom Teacher.
Discuss progress with Associate.
Request to observe other classes.
Invite Principal to observe Candidate teaching.
Complete Mid-Way Teacher Candidate Report. Compare with Associate‘s report.  
Candidate  to hand-deliver Reports (2) to Field Supervisor.
Week 4
Increase Candidate teaching assignments, responsibilities, Transition from Student to Classroom Teacher.
Provide written/verbal feedback and discussion.
Use De-Briefing Form in Handbook.
Discuss Growth Plan with Candidate .
Review Teacher Candidate Responsibilities.
Review Implementation and Assessment, Reflection.
Complete Understanding Pupils, Evaluating Pupil Growth on
Assess your progress and create an action plan for growth.
Week 5
Continue to increase Candidate responsibilities  and teaching load.
Ensure written lesson plans are submitted ahead of teaching and include all components .
Reflect on Collaboration & Engaging in Wider School
Activities on Checklist.
Reflect on Lesson Preparation.
Review components of Final Student Teaching Report  with CT/AT. Discuss progress with CT/AT.
Focus on areas for improvement.
Request Letters of Reference
Week 6
Assist Candidate to refine lesson planning/delivery.
Encourage use of cooperative groups .
Encourage use of rubrics / assessment
Prepare and submit lessons as far ahead as possible for the
Use rubrics for assessment frameworks.
Reflect on student growth and needs, action plans.
Week 7
Complete Final Student Teaching Report. Give Final Report to Candidate to hand-deliver to NU. Complete and send Associate Feedback Form to NU.
Prepare notes of appreciation.
Receive Candidate Final Report. Candidate to hand-deliver to NU.
Begin transition of class from Candidate back to Associate.
Review checklist for graduation.