Joshua R. Janese

  • Middle School Principal, '10, '11, '13, '18
Niagara University’s special education program highlighted the value of student empowerment, fostering meaningful partnerships with families, and a collaborative approach with all professional stakeholders. Formerly as a special education teacher and now as a building principal, these remain core values of mine to improve student outcomes.

Caitlyn A. Bukaty

  • Special Education Teacher, Doctoral Scholar, 2011
The committed, caring nature of the faculty at Niagara University was the initial force that drew me to this amazing institution. Over the course of my graduate career, I came to realize that this attitude extended past the faculty, past the special education program, and throughout the entire campus.

The emphasis placed on the importance of scholars as individuals is a unique and wonderful characteristic of the NU mission. I attribute my continued academic drive and success to the motivation and encouragement I received from the amazing faculty and atmosphere I was fortunate to experience in the special education graduate program at Niagara.