• Lacey Howcraft, Class of 2009

    Lacey, a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, will be joining the Americorps National Civilian Community Corps program in October 2009. Her training site is located in Sacramento, California. She will serve California and surrounding states. During her time at Niagara University she volunteered at the Niagara Falls Housing Authority's after school program tutoring elementary and middle school kids. She participated in the 2008 B.A.S.I.C trip to Brooklyn. She is very passionate about women's rights, specifically in ending violence against women and girls, and in 2009 she co-directed the Vagina Monologues.

  • Natalie Crawford, Sociology major, class of 2006

    In her senior year at Niagara University, Natalie completed an internship at the Niagara Falls Middle School.  As part of her internship she shadowed a guidance counselor.  Speaking about her internship experience, Natalie said: "Listening to the guidance counselor speak so positively about her job makes me more than excited to attend grad school.  I was always a little unsure as to my career decision, but after meeting the guidance counselor and hearing about her love for her job, I know this is exactly what I want to be doing in the future." 
  • Tom Leonardo, Sociology major, class of 2007

    Tom Leonardo is from Long Island.  As an undergraduate at Niagara University, he earned his Bachelor degree in Sociology.  Now, he is a student in the School Counseling Master”™s program at Niagara University.   Tom plans to be a high school guidance counselor. Tom is a Resident Assistant at Niagara University.  He also has extensive experience as a hockey referee.
  • Julianne Payne, Sociology major, class of 2006

    Julianne Payne graduated from Niagara University in May 2006.  She is currently in a Ph.D. program at North Carolina State University.  Her areas of specialization are social inequality and medical sociology.
  • Kelly Knox, Sociology and International Studies major, class of 2008

    Ever think of studying abroad for a semester?  This is Kelly Knox taking advantage of the Niagara University study abroad program.  She spent the Spring 2007 semester in Switzerland.  This picture was taken during her trip to Croatia and Serbia.  Here she is in Opatija.  Kelly has been accepted to the College of William & Mary where she will work on her Master's degree in Higher Education Administration.
  • Jen Roulley, Sociology major, class of 2007

    Jen Roulley graduated in May 2007 with a Bachelor Degree in Sociology.  She earned a minor in Social Work and a minor in Philosophy.  Jen took advantage of many opportunities during her time as a student at Niagara University.  She completed an internship at the Salvation Army.  As part of her internship, she worked in an after school program.  Jen also volunteered at the Niagara Falls Alternative School, serving as a role model and tutor.  She also participated in a BASIC trip to Panama in South America, where she was involved in service projects for ten days