Program Information

By taking sociology courses, students learn more about the world in which they live. The curriculum helps prepare students for an increasingly diverse workforce. The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to pursue a minor or even a double major in another academic field. Aside from the sociology major, the sociology department offers a minor in black families. This minor is a sequence of five courses focusing on the diverse experiences of contemporary black families and communities, with attention given to the variety of religious, political, economic, educational, and cultural experiences in black communities. The sociology department also offers a minor in sociology. To earn a minor in sociology, a student must complete "Introduction to Sociology" and any other four sociology courses.

All Sociology majors must take the following courses:

  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 250 Sociology of Education
  • SOC 303 Social Problems or SOC 325 Race & Ethnicity
  • SOC 307 Marriage and Family or SOC 231 Contemporary Black Families
  • SOC 310 Social Theory
  • SOC 312 Social Stratification
  • SOC 313 Social Psychology
  • SOC 317 Cultural Anthropology
  • SOC 320 Social Research Methods
  • SOC 328 Social Change
  • SOC 450 Senior Research Seminar
  • Majors must also take four Sociology electives
  • Majors must also take six advised elective courses - these do not have to be Sociology courses but they can be.

In addition to the courses listed above, Sociology majors must take 20 General Education Courses (all Niagara University students are required to take 20 General Education Courses).  

Sociology majors will be assigned to an advisor.   Your advisor will help you select classes each semester.   Although not all majors will take courses in the exact same sequence, here is a general outline to follow when preparing your schedule each semester.   .

This outline includes the Sociology requirements and the General Education Requirements
First Year, Fall Semester

WRT 100 or REL 101/103
SOC 101
NUS 102
Social Science
Advised Elective
Advised Elective

First Year, Spring Semester

WRT 100 or REL 101/103
ENG 100 or Advised Elective
Natural Science
SOC 231 or SOC 307
PHI 105

Second Year, Fall Semester

Advised Elective
ENG 100 or Advised Elective
MAT 102
SOC 312
SOC Elective

Second Year, Spring Semester

HIS 199
REL 200/300 level
SOC 303 or SOC 325
CIS 232 or CIS 233
SOC 313

Third Year, Fall Semester

PHI 206
SOC 310
SOC 317

Third Year, Spring Semester

REL 200/300 level
SOC 328
Free Elective
SOC 320
SOC Elective

Fourth Year, Fall Semester

PHI 300 level
Cultural Diversity
Free Elective
SOC Elective
SOC Elective

Fourth Year, Spring Semester

SOC 450
Free Elective
Free Elective
Advised Elective
Advised Elective