Social Sciences

Modern social problems often defy established disciplinary boundaries requiring a multidisciplinary approach to effectively address an array of social concerns.   This program provides students with substantial interdisciplinary coursework, training in social science methodologies, and ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience.   Students who earn a degree in Social Science will have the problem solving skills that are sought after by a variety of employers.

The Social Science Program is a joint effort of the Departments of Criminal Justice, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work.   The Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Program provides students with a broad interest in the social sciences to design a curriculum that addresses their interests and career goals.   A minor in social sciences is also available.

In conjunction with the Program Director students choose one disciplinary concentration, and three minor fields of concentration.   Students also pursue training in an appropriate, field-specific, methodology course.

The capstone of the Social Science Program is a one-semester research thesis project that allows students to apply their interdisciplinary and methodological skills to address a social science issue of interest to the student.