Social Media & Digital Marketing Minor

The demand for young executives competent in social media and digital marketing continues to explode. eMarketer reports that investments in social media and digital marketing now exceed 50% of total ad spending worldwide and forecasts point to continued growth.

Experts in social media and digital marketing enjoy leadership positions in virtually all industries including advertising, public relations, fashion, high-tech, manufacturing, consumer products, finance, industrial, and entrepreneurial startups.  Social media and digital marketing activities have become essential components of communication, brand building, community engagement, digital interface design, omnichannel marketing, and data analytics.

This minor in Social Media and Digital Marketing provides students with crucial knowledge and skills to launch careers in this exciting and dynamic space. Through engaging, experiential, and action-packed classes, students will discover how to create digital brands, build customer profiles, develop powerful content strategies, analyze digital interfaces, leverage big data for insights, and map customer journeys for impact and success.

Courses to fulfill this minor are:

  • MKG 181 Principles of Marketing
  • MKG 382 Social Media Planning
  • MKG 383 Big Data in Marketing
  • MKG 381 Search & Digital Metrics
  • MKG 305 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Choose any MKG 300 level class.

Students from all colleges are eligible to enroll. For further information please contact Dr. Paul Richardson (