Social Media & Digital Marketing Courses

Key Courses for the Social Media & Digital Marketing Minor

Core courses for the social media & digital marketing minor are:

MKG 305. Integrated Marketing Communication

In this course students learn how to align communication efforts across the consumer journey, touchpoints, and channels to create, build, and sustain superior brand experiences and engagements to maximize consumer satisfaction and brand value. Communication strategy, tactics, outcomes, and metrics are discussed in detail.

MKG 381. Search and Digital Analytics

In this course students learn essentials of how to leverage search in digital marketing and integrate search with web design, display advertising, email marketing, and social media in an integrated fashion. Students also learn how digital metrics are used in assessing key performance indicators in digital marketing.

MKG 382. Social Media Planning

In this course students learn essentials of social media marketing and planning and apply these concepts in content analysis. Topics include social channels, advocacy and influencer marketing, social selling, advertising, and metrics, and social policy and governance.

MKG 383. Big Data in Marketing

This course discusses the role, importance, use, and application of big data in marketing including sales analysis and the data science process. A variety of big data sets including scanner, panel, transactional, geolocation, and social media data are used when leveraging both cloud-based and leading programming languages in analysis and discovery.

Additional Courses

In addition students will complete MKG 181 Principles of Marketing and may choose from among multiple options in selecting one additional 300-level course.