Sexual Misconduct Information

Niagara University is committed to providing support to students reporting sexual misconduct. The Office of Counseling Services is a safe space to report sexual misconduct and process through your options to ensure your safety and proper investigation of your concerns. Because we are a confidential reporting site, no information regarding your situation will be released without your consent. Our counselors will clarify this with you during your appointment.

Please see Niagara University's policy on sexual misconduct for details. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us if you are interested in more information surrounding this policy. As per New York State Law, all students are afforded a bill of rights related to sexual misconduct. Please access the bill of rights through Niagara's webpage here. It is also important that you know and understand the code of conduct for Niagara University Students. Please take the time to review Niagara University's Student Code of Conduct.