Seton Hall

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Seton Hall is a high-rise building with seven floors set up in a rectangular fashion that houses both first-year and upper class students. Seton rooms are fashioned for double and triple occupancy. Some floors are co-ed, some are single gender.

At capacity, Seton accommodates 459 students and encourages community with its large lounge first floor lounge that includes brand new furniture, two 65-inch televisions, a large hightop table, ping pong and pool tables, new study tables and a kitchenette. Free laundry is available in the basement of Seton Hall. On each floor, there is a study lounge as well.

Seton community advisors are responsible for maintaining a friendly, engaging atmosphere on each floor. CAs help build community on the floors, get to know you as a student and help you be successful at NU.

Seton is located near the Kiernan Center, which is our student recreation center. Seton also houses the offices for the Niagara University Opportunity Program (NUOP), Academic Support (which includes Disability Services and our Tutoring Center), and the Counseling Center. A newly paved walkway helps Seton residents navigate to classes easier.