How is Selection Order Determined?

Selection Order

Selection order for room selection is determined by both rising class status and lottery number. 

First, all groups are organized into sub-categories based on how many students of each rising class year are in their group. Then, when there are ties within collective seniority of the group, the single best lottery number in the group will be used. For example, if there are multiple groups that all contain four juniors, we would then use the best lottery number in each group to determine which group goes first.

Rising Class Status - The order in which students pick rooms is determined by seniority. The order is as follows:

  • Rising Graduate Students (current students returning for graduate school)
  • Rising Seniors
  • Rising Juniors
  • Rising Sophomores

Rising graduates choose before rising seniors, and so on.

Your rising class status is based on your entry date to NU and number of years in residence, not by credits.

Lottery Number - a randomly generated number assigned to every Niagara student. Lottery numbers determine selection order. A low number within your class group is best!

Each class' lottery number set begins at No. 1. For example, rising junior No. 400 will choose before rising sophomore No. 1.

Lottery numbers are not transferrable for any reason.