Kevin Regueira

  • School Psychologist, 2006
  • Dunkirk, NY
Putting into words just exactly what Niagara University’s School Psychology Program has meant to me just does not seem to do it justice. Not only was I fortunate enough to attend Niagara University as an undergraduate student, I was also able to attend as a graduate. Attending Niagara as a graduate student only reaffirmed what I already knew as an undergraduate. Niagara’s School Psychology Graduate Program sets itself apart from all others, not only by the intimacy and care with which you work with your professors, but by the philosophy it follows. It truly conveys the message and reinforces its beliefs of going out into the world and helping those, especially children, who may not have a voice in the world. Niagara has empowered me to be the voice of my students, their parents and the community that I now serve. This core belief has not only been instilled in me in my professional life, but also in my personal one. Niagara not only teaches you a belief, it teaches you a lifestyle.

Victoria Lammerhirt

  • School Psychologist, 2008
  • Kenmore, NY
When I reflect on my experience as a graduate student in the School Psychology program at Niagara University; I am grateful for having the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful community with supportive, approachable professors and inspiring peers. NU provided me with a strong background in psychological foundations, and it developed my professional skills and competencies in assessment, counseling, consultation, intervention, and program evaluation. Through a process of individual feedback and goal-setting, my classmates and I were able to acquire the applied skills and self-awareness to become independently functioning professionals. With confidence, I can say that Niagara University equipped me with the knowledge, and essential components necessary for meaningful participation in, and contribution to, the professional practice of school psychology in multicultural contexts.

Lindsey Jerge

  • School Psychologist, 2009
  • Sanborn, NY
After completing my undergraduate coursework, I was not sure what career path would be most appropriate for me. However, I always knew that I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. Niagara University’s School Psychology Program gave me the skills and strategies required to work as a psychologist in an educational setting. The focus on assessment/counseling techniques, along with introduction to new processes being introduced in our current school systems (like Response to Intervention) prepared me fully for the challenges that I face daily as a professional. I believe that aiding in the social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs of students is extremely rewarding and worthwhile, and NU’s program believes in this as well. I continue to value the strong relationships I formed with my fellow classmates and professors at NU. I am truly grateful for having had the opportunity to work closely with intelligent, open-minded and motivated individuals who, like me, are committed to make the learning experiences of all children a positive one!

Jordan Luther

  • Psychometrist, 2010
  • Toronto, Ontario
The knowledge, learning experiences and friendships that I gained from the School Psychology Program at Niagara University will stay with me for the rest of my life. This program provides students with the experiential and theoretical knowledge they need to be effective and successful school psychologists, both in the United States and in Canada. In my first year out of NU, I was able to find permanent, full-time employment as a psychometrist within a school board just outside out Toronto, as well as become eligible for registration with the College of Psychologists of Ontario as a psychological associate. I could not be happier with my present situation and look towards the future with optimism and excitement!
Michele  Diamond

Michele Diamond

  • School Psychologist, 2005
  • Georgetown, SC
The words that come to mind when I describe the School Psychology Program at Niagara University are innovative, intensive and competitive. Combine this with the luxury of a small class setting and this is what I feel sets NU's program apart from the others. In addition, the theories of education and background, incorporated into the program's curriculum are extensive and have provided me with the strong conceptual framework that must be mastered in order to excel in this profession. My journey at NU was a challenging and exciting one, which I feel has confidently prepared me to begin my next journey into the workforce. The close relationships that have been fostered between my professors and fellow classmates have allowed me to grow personally as well as professionally. I believe that these assets of Niagara’s close-knit program will continue to influence me throughout my career.