Maria T. Torres

  • School Counselor, '07
When speaking to students, parents, and colleagues about my experience at NU, the first thing that comes to mind is the ‘sense of community’ that prevails on campus and within the departments. Coupled with the sense of community is the quality of the education I received. Since graduating from the program in 2007, I have grown and evolved professionally in my field thanks to the foundation and tools afforded to me by the quality of the courses and experiences offered in NU’s counseling program. Challenge is at the core of the program’s curriculum. Thus, stepping up to its academic challenges becomes second nature to the students in the program –– a life-long skill essential in any field in today’s job market and workplace. Lastly, but most importantly, the advisement that I received during my years in the program was second to none, and instilled in me the desire to look into and beyond the research and provoked more questions each time I found an answer to a query. I can only hope that I can afford my students a similar stimulating and challenging mentorship throughout my career.

Amanda Vail

  • School Counselor, '06
I feel that the school counseling program at Niagara University provided me with the knowledge and experience to work with a diverse population. The small class sizes are a true asset to learning and the professors take a personal investment in your educational journey. The classes at Niagara give you a strong basis to build the essential skills you need in the counseling profession. In today’s world, school counselors are critical for the academic, social, and emotional development of all students. I think that Niagara University truly prepares professional counselors to make a difference in the lives of students and their families.

Kate Moynihan

  • School Counselor, '05
When I look back over my time in the Niagara University School Counseling program, I am consistently struck by its ability to impart great knowledge and great skills in its students. Even more important, though, is the dedication and passion of all other members of the graduate program as well as the professors. All faculty are knowledgeable, skilled, and deeply dedicated to their field which imparts such dedication in the students.

Robert Green-Lidell

  • School Counselor, '05
I found the courses offered in Niagara University’s School Counseling program to be interesting and relevant to the field of school counseling. The small classes were conducive to learning, and allowed for an abundance of discussion between students and professors. The practicum and internship experience was particularly rewarding and played a key role in preparing me for my career as a professional school counselor.

Kathryn Marie Giza

  • School Counselor, '10
The individualized advisement, small class sizes, and faculty have made the difference in providing quality education. The practicum and internships are designed to foster growth, and offer every graduate the relevant knowledge and skills that are required of a stellar school counselor. The faculty truly exemplified captivating and engaging teaching methods. Now that the program has given me the tools to be successful, I am able to venture out into the world, taking with me the everlasting rewarding experience from Niagara University.