Semester  **Registration Closes Dates
Spring 1, 2018 February 1 for all courses except  FSL-part 1 which closes January 24 January 29- April 20
Spring 2, 2018 April 16 April 16- June 29
Summer 1, 2018 May 14 May 14 to July 3
Summer 2, 2018 July 3 July 3 to August 10

**Please note that the summer session courses are shorter in length; therefore, it is the expectation that candidates will spend more time online during the summer weeks to fulfill the minimum 125 hour course work as mandated by OCT. 

**Registration for FSL (French as a First Language) Part 1 closes one week earlier due to the need for an entry French written and French oral test prior to the beginning of the course.

Niagara University offers the following courses in general; however, the courses may vary with sessions:

Schedule A Courses

  • ABQ Primary Division
  • ABQ Junior Division
  • ABQ Intermediate Division- Health and Physical Education

Schedule C Courses

  • Adapting Curriculum for the Catholic School System
  • Teaching in the Catholic School System
  • Mathematics 7 and 8
  • Student Assessment and Evaluation
  • Use and Knowledge of Assistive Technology
  • Teaching Students with Communication Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

Schedule D Courses- Parts 1, 2 and Specialist

  • Teaching English Language Learners
  • French as a Second Language
  • Guidance and Career Education
  • Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction
  • Teacher Librarian
  • Kindergarten
  • Mathematics Primary/Junior
  • Reading
  • Special Education