Safety and Security

In cooperation with the Office of Campus Safety, the Office Residence Life staff is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment where they can pursue their studies while learning about themselves and others in the community. Security in the residence halls is provided in a number of ways, but it is important that every student in our community be aware of their environment and make good decisions about their own safety and that of their neighbors. All exterior doors of the residence halls are controlled by card access readers. However, you should consider the door to your room to be like the door to your home and keep it locked at all times, especially when you are not there.

Building Access

All of our halls are equipped with a card access system. This system utilizes your NU I.D. card. Only residents of the building can gain access by swiping their card through the card reader.  

Blue Light Phones  

Across campus you will see several phone boxes illuminated by a blue light. These phones dial Campus Safety immediately, which will automatically dispatch officers to the scene. If you are in need of emergency assistance for any reason on-campus and are unable to dial 716.286.8566, please find the nearest blue light phone. A map with the location of these phones is located here.  

Security Tips

While you are a student and a resident at Niagara University, you should remember that you are largely responsible for your own personal safety. Following are some precautions:

  • When leaving the hall at night, tell your roommate when to expect your return.
  • After dark, try not to walk alone. If possible, walk with a friend.
  • If you must walk alone, walk with confidence and avoid dark, remote areas.
  • Never leave goods or belongings unattended.
  • In the unlikely event you are the victim of an attack or other crime, contact Campus Safety and a hall staff member as soon as possible.
  • Solicitors or suspicious persons are to be reported to  Campus Safety and a hall staff member immediately.
  • Always carry your keys, NU I.D. card and, if possible, a cell phone.
  • Keep your room door closed and locked when not in the room and when sleeping.
  • Please immediately inform a member of the hall staff about any unsafe conditions or behaviors that threaten the safety or security of your community.

To guard against theft of your property, the university recommends that the following safeguards be observed:

  • Record all serial numbers  and makes of electronics (i.e. watches, laptops, iPods and other valuables).
  • Keep money and valuables in a secure place. Do not keep excessive amounts of cash in your room, or on your person.
  • Record the numbers of all credit cards and checking accounts; record the addresses of these companies and banks so that they can be notified if cards are lost or stolen.
  • Report the presence of any strangers in non-public areas of the halls to Campus Safety and a hall staff member.

Personal Property Insurance

As with most universities, Niagara University cannot be responsible for the loss, theft or damage of personal property of students for any reason. Students are advised to keep their doors locked while out of their rooms. An Operation Identification System also exists whereby expensive items may be marked and recorded by the Office of Campus Safety at Niagara University. The system may deter incidents of theft. You may wish to check your family's homeowner's or renter's insurance policy to see if your property is covered while you are away from home. Please do not be without personal property insurance.