Program Information

Religious Studies MajorThe religious studies program is structured as well as flexible to assure the program serves each student’s needs. The goals include the development of an understanding of the Judeo/Christian tradition in the spirit of the Catholic and Vincentian heritage of Niagara University. This is accomplished through the exploration of unity and diversity in the dialogue between Christianity and the world religions by study of sacred texts, beliefs, symbols, rituals and communities. The program also explores how religion entails ethical responses to the personal, social, multicultural and political issues of our time.

  • B.A. in Religious Studies
  • Minor in Religious Studies
  • Minor in Catholic Studies
  • Certificate Programs

B.A. Religious Studies

The major program in religious studies includes four interrelated areas of study: comparative religion, biblical studies, Christianity, and Christian ethics. A candidate for this degree must complete courses in each area for a total of 10 units plus the 3 for the general University requirement, for a total of 13 units overall. Units assigned to each area of study may, with departmental advisement, be modified to meet the career needs of the student.

Major's should consult course descriptions for classifications of each course in the Course Catalog.

Major Requirement

  • REL 206 - World Religions
  • REL 211 - Hebrew Scripture
  • REL 216 - Jesus the Christ
  • REL 217 - Christian Sacraments
  • REL 219 - The First Christians & the New Testament
  • REL 256 - Christian Morality
  • REL 317 - Christian Ministry
  • REL 499 - Senior Seminar
  • A comparative religion elective
  • A Christian ethics elective
  • Advised electives


A minor in religious studies is awarded to a student who successfully completes a sequence of six courses, which includes the three course units (nine semester hours) in religious studies as required by the University.

Minor in General Religious Studies

After taking either REL 101 or REL 103, the student selects five additional courses in consultation with the Department of Religious Studies.

Minor in Catholic Studies

After taking REL 103, the student selects five additional courses providing emphasis on Catholic teaching and tradition, e.g., REL 216, REL 217, REL 256, REL 265, REL 347, REL 390, etc.

Justice and Peace Minor

The justice and peace studies minor is a interdisciplinary program. It requires the completion of six courses. On completion of the minor program, a certificate in justice and peace studies will be awarded to the student. Students wishing to pursue the minor in justice and peace studies should contact the coordinator.