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FAQs for Room Selection

We want to make room selection as easy as possible for you. 

Please see the FAQ's below for the Room Selection Process.

Who is this for?

I'll be a freshman or transfer in Fall 2022. How do I register?

Welcome! But you do NOT need to do this process yet. You will receive all the info you need at your NU email for May 1. This process is for CURRENT students ONLY right now! We'll get all new students their room assignments this summer!


I want a single next year. How can I get a tower single?

No true single rooms exist in the towers – only double rooms that we assign to one person. We only put out a limited number of singles in the towers at Room Selection. This is to prevent running out of rooms for those who need doubles. Typically, only seniors and some juniors are successful at getting singles in the towers at Room Selection. However, if you didn’t get the single you wanted, choose another room. From there, you can join a waitlist for a tower single by filling out the Room Selection Waitlist & Room Change Form. Once we make sure we won’t run out of space, we’ll begin working on the waitlist in the summer.

Is there an extra cost for singles next year?

Yes – Single rooms designed for one person will cost an extra $325 per semester. Rooms that are designed for two people but assigned only to one as a single (“double as a single rooms”) will cost $500 extra per semester.

Are there any pictures of what rooms or apartments look like?

Yes! Click here for pictures and virtual tours of each hall.

Are there any maps so we can see where each room is located in a buildings?

Yes! Click here for maps of each floor/building.

Which buildings are closed for breaks?

Seton and O'Donoughue will again be closed for breaks next year. If you anticipate needing to stay on campus for breaks due to travel, do not choose Seton or O'Donoughue.


What if I don’t have a roommate for a double? Can I get a random?

Yes – at the end of the Singles/Doubles period, we’ll open it up for incomplete groups. So you’ll be able to choose a room then. We can often add new transfer students or international students as roommates, or make matches with other students later. No worries – just make sure you still choose a room in a building you like – we can update things from there. You can fill out the Room Selection Waitlist & Room Change Form after! We’ll keep processing all room changes as space allows.

What if we don’t have a group of 4 for the apartments?

The Portal does require that you have a group of 4 to choose an apartment. We always suggest finding 4 roommates to give you the best chances. However apartment suites often become available after Room Selection, and again, we’ll use the Room Selection Waitlist & Room Change Form to create a waitlist for apartments. We’ll continue to work on the waitlist to get people assigned to apartments all throughout the summer.

How can I find a roommate?

We have created a Canvas group for anyone looking for roommates. On this group, you can post discussion board posts and search other students’ posts if you are looking for roommates - either in apartments, or in doubles. To be added to the Canvas group - just fill out this form.

Who needs to do this?

Must Sign Application (Step 1) but That’s All:

CAs, those with medical accommodations, those in Living Learning Communities, CA Apartment Roommates

Must Sign Application AND Choose Their Own Room Online (Steps 1-3):

Everyone else – including Student Athletes, ROTC, NUOP, International students who are coming back next year, etc. You MUST complete this process by choosing your room in the Portal on April 8-12.

No Action Required Now:

New Students – if you’re not currently taking classes at NU during the Spring 2022 semester and will be starting here this Fall, you do NOT need to do this! You won’t need to do anything until May! We’ll contact you through admissions for more info!

Roommate Selection

How do I choose my roommates?

See the link here for full instructions

My roommate isn’t showing up in the search.

It’s because they must have not completed their application. They won’t show up until their application is complete. Remind them to complete it so that you have time to request/accept each other before April 1!

It’s not letting me search for my roommates.

Two things – first ensure that at the top of the “Select Roommates” page, that the term Fall 2022 is selected. It will say Spring 2022 by default, just select fall. If that doesn’t work, go back to your application and ensure it says “Completed.” If your application isn't completed, it won't let you choose roommates. Keep clicking until you get a confirmation that it's been submitted, it's more than one page!

Lottery Numbers & Selection Times

How are lottery numbers determined?

If you apply by March 30, you’re included in the first batch of numbers we assign. On Lottery Number Day (April 5), we’ll take all the Rising Seniors and ensure they get first pick by assigning them numbers 1-500 (for example). All Rising Senior applicants we have on March 30 will be randomly assigned a number. And then we assign Rising Juniors between 500-1,000, Sophomores between 1,000-1,800, etc. (Note those ranges are estimated, and vary by the year.) If you didn’t apply by March 30, we can still add you, but since the best numbers will already be assigned to students who applied on time, you’ll be given a number at the end of the line - even after all sophomores. Please sign up by March 30.

Does my group get to use the BEST person’s lottery number?

No, your group will use the AVERAGE of all your lottery numbers.

How are selection times determined?

We first assigned each individual a lottery number. And then, on April 8, we’ll determine the average Lottery Number for each roommate group. Then we’ll “line up” each of your Roommate Groups and schedule 1 group every 1-2 minutes.


I’ve got extra credits from AP classes – shouldn’t I be considered a year higher?

After receiving much student feedback, we determine seniority based on number of years in college. This is done to ensure true 4th year seniors are first in line, and so as not to penalize students who didn’t have the opportunity to take AP credits in high school. So if this is your first year after high school, you’ll be considered a Rising Sophomore no matter what.

Am I a freshman or rising sophomore?

Since this process is all about NEXT year, we’ll refer to you using your class status for next year. For example, if you’re currently a first year student, we’ll refer to you as a Rising Sophomore.

Medical Requests/Accommodations

I got approved for a medical request last year – do I need to apply again?

Yes, contact Kelly Engert by March 23 at

I have a new medical situation which I need an accommodation for – how do I apply?

Email Kelly Engert, the Accessibility Services Coordinator, who can help you. She will send you the paperwork to have your healthcare provider fill out.

Can I choose my own room if I get a medical accommodation?

We will work with you to choose a room that works for you, but you won’t need to go through the online process to choose your room. We’ll notify you of your room assignment by the end of April.

Do I need to fill out my Room Selection application then?

Yes – ALL residents need to fill out the application. It includes your housing contract and lets us know you intend to be here next fall. You don’t need to do anything further though!

Other Questions

I'm studying abroad in the fall - should I skip this?

It's probably a good idea just in case! With COVID and trips being up in the air, we hope you get to go! But just in case, it's much easier for us to get you a room now, and we can always cancel it later. But once you're confirmed for studying abroad and feeling good, you don't need to do this. Just contact us around Thanksgiving to set up your room for Spring and we'll get you set for when you come back!