Tips and Advice for Room Selection

We want to make room selection as easy as possible for you. 

There are some tips to make room selection go as smoothly as possible, so here are the top few pieces of advice we can give you.

Block rooms with friends!

Many people think that to select a double room, they go through with their roommate only. They get stressed because they want to make sure they're near friends but since they choose at different times, it's hard to plan. There is a better way! It's called blocking, and we highly recommend students do it. 

Blocking means that rather than going through and picking one room at a time, you can actually go through as a bigger group and bring 4-5 students through at once. Say that students A, B, C, and D wanted to get two doubles next to each other. Rather than going through as two different groups (A and B, C and D), they can all go through at once and pick two rooms at the same time. The best part: all four of those students get to use the ONE best lottery number in the group. Say A has a great number but B, C and D get high numbers. All four students can form a group, only using A's number - increasing the chance that they'll be able to select together. 

You can use blocking to select:

  • Two doubles
  • A double and a triple
  • Four adjacent singles
  • A double and two singles (where applicable)

Have a backup plan!

Sometimes, you spend lots of time making plans for next year and it all ends up great. Other times, you get a curve ball at the last minute and you don't know what to do. You may be hoping for a triple and triples are filled by the time you choose, or you may be hoping for a double but your roommate gets accepted to study abroad. Talk about all the possibilities ahead of time - what's our second choice if our preferred building fills up? What will we do if someone in our group finds another housing option? Communicate clearly with everyone in your group so they know what the plan is, and be prepared! Your CAs can help you at any stage if you need help figuring things out or talking with potential roommates.

If you don't have a roommate but need one, ask around!

Your CA can be a great resource here if you need a roommate. They've probably heard of others in the same boat and can help you find someone. Talk to friends, classmates, fellow club members, etc. 

If you don't have a roommate and want a double room on the day of room selection, you'll receive a random roommate. We cannot hold doubles as singles at room selection in any building. If you do get a randomly placed roommate, we'll be there to support you if you need any assistance or help getting to know each other or establishing communication. We suggest you start talking right away and keep an open mind as you get ready for August!

New for 2018-2019, we will be offering a limited number of single rooms in Seton and O'Shea! Large singles are available for an extra $600 per semester.