Room Selection Terminology

Lottery Number - a randomly generated number assigned to every Niagara student. Lottery numbers determine selection order within class groups. The lower the number, the better!

Each class's lottery number set begins at No. 1. Rising Grad No. 1 selects first. For example, Rising Junior No. 400 will choose before Rising Sophomore No. 1.

Lottery numbers are not transferrable for any reason. 

Only the best lottery number in each group is used.

Rising Class Status / Seniority - The order in which students pick rooms is determined by seniority. The order is as follows:

  • Rising Graduate Students
  • Rising Seniors
  • Rising Juniors
  • Rising Sophomores

Rising Graduates choose before Rising Seniors, and so on. Each class's lottery number set begins at No. 1. For example, Rising Junior No. 400 will choose before Rising Sophomore No. 1.

Your rising class status is based on your entry date to NU and number of years in residence, not by credits.

Blocking - a group of students who want to go through Room Selection together using the best lottery number. 

Rising – Refers to what your class status will be next year. For example, if you are currently a freshman, you will be considered a “rising” sophomore for purposes of the selection process, because next year you will be considered a sophomore (or second-year student). If you are currently a sophomore, next year you’ll be a junior. For room selection, we will refer to you as a “rising” class to distinguish your lottery and selection priority.

Transfer Student– Those students who did not begin their education at NU but who have since joined the university. For purposes of room selection, we will use the transfer student credit-hour status to determine what class year they are/should be in. This will reflect the class year we would anticipate them to graduate.

Group - the other students you're planning to live with - a roommate, friends in a room block, or your apartment suitemates. Each group uses the single best lottery number to determine selection order, but the class status of all members is accounted for (i.e., groups of four seniors will select before groups of three seniors/one junior).

Incomplete Group – A group of students who cannot fill a complete room or apartment. For example, three students in a four-person apartment or two students for a triple room.

Mixed Group – A group of students from different class groups. For example, a group of two rising seniors and two rising juniors who all wish to live together is a mixed group.