Driver's License Checks for Students

The risk control manager will perform drivers license checks for any students driving either an NU or personal vehicle on university business. Please contact the department that you are being asked to drive for to obtain a current Drivers License Check Authorization form.

Students must also submit completion certificate from an online driver's safety course that is emailed to them. No student will be authorized to drive before completing this course. 

Certificates of Insurance

The risk control manager serves as the main point of contact for certificates of insurance needed for contracts, contractors, vendors, etc., working on our campus, and for business conducted off campus. 

The certificate of insurance is quite an important document in that it serves as the insured's evidence to customers, contractors or other third parties that the insured has obtained insurance.

Risk Assessment

All requests from university departments for risk control assessment of a situation, unless deemed an emergency situation, must be in writing to the risk control manager.