Responsibilities of Tutors

All students who are hired as tutors must read and sign the contract outlined below.

In accepting employment as a tutor for the Office of Academic Support, I understand and agree to the following:

1. Competency:

I feel capable of tutoring the subjects listed on my application and will notify the peer tutor coordinator if at any time I do not feel comfortable tutoring a particular course or subject area.

2. Training:

I agree to complete 10 hours of initial training as prescribed by the peer tutor coordinator. I will attend all mandatory training sessions and meetings. If I cannot attend, I will discuss the situation with the peer tutor coordinator  in advance and arrange a suitable alternative.

3. Attendance:

I will keep all scheduled appointments with tutees and arrive on time. If I cannot attend a tutoring session, I will notify both the tutee and the Office of Academic Support in advance (24 hours notice is preferred, with exceptions for true emergencies). I agree to reschedule any appointment that I must cancel.

4. Paper Work:

I will keep my tutoring records up to date and accurate. I will complete all required forms on a regular and timely basis.

5. Preparation:

I am familiar with, or will become familiar with, the materials currently being used in the courses that I agree to tutor. This includes syllabi, textbooks, handouts and any other reference sources used by the instructor.

6. Planning:

I will plan my tutoring sessions in advance and/or be prepared with material to review during each meeting so that the tutee will gain as much as possible from each session.

7. Skills:

With the benefit of training, I will show concern for my tutees’ academic progress by utilizing my academic knowledge, interpersonal skills (careful listening, patience and openness) and tutoring techniques (preparation, encouraging dialog, learning strategies and techniques).

8. Conduct:

As an employee of the Office of Academic Support, I will at all times conduct myself in a professional manner while performing my duties.

9. Respect:

I will remember that, as a peer tutor, I am also serving NU and will treat with respect each fellow student who is assigned to me for assistance.

10. Concerns:

I will notify the peer tutor coordinator  of any questions or concerns that I have with my tutees or any other aspect of the tutoring program