Resident Students Meal Plan Options

Students are automatically placed on the Carte Blanche Unlimited Meal Plan (unlimited meals in the Russell J. Salvatore Dining Commons per week with $100 in Gallagher Gold to be used at the Gallagher Center food court, plus eight guest passes). Students have the first two weeks of the semester to change their plan. Log into myNU, click on Info at the top of the page, then ID Card, and "Change Meal Plan" to make your changes. No changes can be made until shortly before the semester begins.

Resident Plans

The cost of meal plans are included in room and board costs for Clet, Seton, O'Shea, Lynch and O'Donoughe. Students in Varsity Village may add a Resident Meal Plan at a cost of $3,375.00 per semester.

Carte Blanche Meal Plan:

Unlimited access per week, with a $100 declining balance account and eight guest tickets per semester.

Purple Meal Plan:

Up to 12 entrances per week, with a $250 declining balance account and six guest tickets per semester.