Residence Life

Withdrawal from NU Housing:

  • Students in residence who plan to study abroad need to officially withdraw from housing  a month or so before they leave.
  • Withdrawal forms will need to be completed in the Residence Life Office (noting Study Abroad as the reason so no termination fee is charged).
  •  A checkout date will have to be planned with your community assistant, so they can properly assist you.

 Registering for Housing from Abroad for the Spring Semester:

  • If you are abroad in the fall semester and would like housing for the spring semester, you will need to notify the Residence Life Office in November by letter or email (
  • Simply let Residence Life know that you need a room, and list preferences of residence hall, type of room and roommate, if known.
  • Placement is based on space availability but all efforts are made to accommodate any request.

 Registering for Housing from Abroad for the Fall Semester:

  • If studying abroad in the spring semester, you will need to appoint someone to go through the room selection for you to choose your room for the fall semester.
  • This appointee would also need a signed letter from you authorizing him/her to act for you during room selection.
  • Your room deposit receipt (a process which you or your parents can do online and send a copy of the receipt to your appointed person) and housing application card, along with the authorization letter, would need to be presented at room selection in order for the person to be permitted to choose a room for you. The process is the same for apartment selection, if desired.