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Residence Halls

Niagara University’s housing accommodations include five residence halls, a grouping of five small cottages, and a student apartment complex.

Eagle Circle Apartments

A “home away from home” for 192 Niagara upperclassmen, each of the six two-story frame-and-brick buildings contains eight 1,200-square-foot apartments and is monitored by a community assistant.


Varsity Village

Varsity Village sits at a convenient location on the west side of campus off of Varsity Drive.


O'Shea Hall

Offering a unique opportunity for first-year students to live and interact with students from other class years, O’Shea Hall is adjacent to overnight resident parking.


Seton Hall

Seton Hall is located near the Kiernan Center, which is our student recreation center.


Lynch Hall

Lynch Hall is just a short walk away from the Gallagher Center, which is our student center, the library and many other amenities.


O'Donoughue Hall

O’Donoughue Hall offers instant access to a gorgeous front lawn that showcases incredible views of the Niagara River Gorge.


Clet Hall

No matter where you are on campus, the cupola on top of Clet Hall serves as your beacon to make your way home.