Requirements to Study Abroad*

  • Students should have a 3.0 GPA or better. Some programs will accept students with a 2.5; however, acceptance will be at the discretion of the Study Abroad selection committee. Exceptions may be made when supported by additional recommendations.
  • Students must have two faculty or staff references. The references must support the student’s request to study abroad.
  • Students must sign a release to allow the dean of student affairs to release their conduct record to the Study Abroad  selection committee. If their conduct record demonstrates behaviors that could cause the university embarrassment or put the student in jeopardy, their request may be denied.

*Permission to study abroad is at the discretion of the university.

Student Code of Conduct

Niagara University students are expected to behave responsibly, to exercise good judgment, to respect the rights and feelings of others, and to consider the laws, customs and manners of the host country. Drug laws overseas are very harsh. Should you be arrested for suspicion of drug possession, the U.S Embassy can only notify your parents and make sure you get a fair trial. It cannot guarantee that you will be acquitted.

Niagara University does not provide legal counsel to students arrested while studying abroad. If you are arrested overseas, a consular official will attempt to visit you in jail, provides you with a list of attorneys and clarifies your legal rights. The U.S. Department of State usually maintains contact with you and local authorities to determine how you are being treated and to make sure the process of making legal charges is not delayed unnecessarily.

Any student may be required to withdraw from the program abroad or to vacate a dormitory if, in the opinion of the campus director and rules committee, the student has shown an unwillingness or inability to maintain academic or general standards of conduct. The student may appeal to the host university president or program director. Their decision is final. If a student is expelled or asked to vacate a dormitory, they must return to the United States immediately at their own expense. Students will also be responsible for any damages attributed to them by the authorities or host and may also face sanctions at Niagara University. You are ambassadors for Niagara University and guests in your host country.