Required Documentation

Employment Authorization 

New student employees who have never worked on campus must complete an I-9 form, which requires students to provide evidence of identity and employment authorization within 3 business days of the student's first day of employment. Below is a list of common acceptable documents. For the complete list of acceptable documents, please visit for a list of acceptable documents. Students may present one document from List A OR a combination of one document from List B and another from List C. All documents must be an original and unexpired.  

  • List A (Unexpired Passport)  


  • List B (Unexpired Driver's License or School ID with photograph)
  • List C (Original Social Security Card or Original Birth Certificate)

Students will bring their identification to Career Services along with the completed new hire packet. An authorized representative will certify page 8 of the I-9 and all information will be forwarded to payroll for processing.  

International Students


  • Full-time F1 Visa students living in the U.S. while studying may work ONLY on campus up to a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session, and full-time during holidays and breaks. 

Documentation and Hiring Process

After you interview and receive a job offer for a position on campus, you must do the following:

1.  Pick up new hire packet from Career Services.
2.  Request a letter from the department you will be working for, which must include:

Student’s name
Start date of employment
Number of hours per week that student will work
Title of position that student will be hired for
Niagara University’s address
Name, title, and signature of hiring department’s contact person
EIN number (school employer ID number)

3.  Bring the letter to the Administrative Assistant or Associate Director of Records and Operations, the Designated School Officials, in Student Records and Financial Services located in the Butler Building.
4.  The Designated School Official will provide you with a letter to bring to the Social Security Office.
5.  Visit the Social Security Office to apply for a Social Security number (please see International Students and Social Security Numbers for more information and identification to bring).
6.  Request a receipt/letter from the Social Security Office to verify that you applied for a Social Security Card.
7.  Bring back completed new hire paperwork, receipt/letter from Social Security Office, letter from hiring department, I-20, and passport to Career Services.

Once you receive your Social Security Card, please bring it to Career Services to make a copy. You cannot get paid until original card is received. All paperwork will be forwarded from Career Services to Payroll for processing.