Religious Education

Niagara University’s Alumni Chapel Community Religious Education

The Alumni Chapel Community (ACC) is pleased to offer religious education for the children of members. For the 2015 – 2016 academic year, the ACC is offering a blended method of education to enrich the mind, heart and soul of our children. This approach will combine monthly class attendance with home-based instruction, including weekly online quizzes, reflections and regular Mass attendance.

Class Schedule Grades 1 – 6

Classes will meet approximately twice a month from 9:15 AM – 10:50 AM. Please note if your child is in a sacramental year additional coursework and dates are required.

9/18/2016 New Parent Orientation and Class Assignments
9/25/2016 Unit 1
10/23/16 Unit 2
11/20/16 Unit 3
12/4/16 Unit 4
12/11/16 Teaching Mass
12/18/16 Special Topic: Christmas & The Catholic Church
1/22/2017 Unit 5
2/12/2017 Unit 6
3/5/2017 Special Topic: Lent & Jesus Christ
4/2/2017 Special Topic: Easter & The Catholic Church

Penance Class Schedule

All classes are tentatively scheduled from 5:15 - 6:30 PM

1/10/2017 Penance Class Orientation
1/17/2017 Penance Class
1/26/2017 Penance Class
2/2/2017 Penance Class
2/9/2017 Penance Class & Chapel Experience
2/9/2017 Penance Class & Chapel Experience
2/11/2017 First Penance @ 10:00 AM

Communion Class Schedule

4/20/17 — 5:15-6:30pm First Communion Orientation
4/23/2107 — 9:15-10:50am First Communion Class
4/27/2017 — 5:15-6:30pm First Communion Class
5/4/207 — 5:15-7:30pm First Communion Class & Rehearsal
5/7/17 — 11am First Communion

Class Schedule for Grades 7 – 11

Schedule will be announced soon.

Sacraments 2015-2016

We are pleased to announce that the ACC is offering the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist in 2016.


Program participation fee: $45 per child
Maximum is $100.00 per family
Fee covers the following:   Program book
Administrative costs
Classroom activities
Sacramental fee: $25 per child (additional)
Fee covers the following:   Sacramental book
Administrative costs
Sacramental kits for uniformity

Our hope is to enrich your family’s faith and spirituality through a blended methodology of religious education.