Registration Restriction

The Student Accounts Office will place a restriction on student records that will not allow them to register for future semesters.

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for the RG registration restrictions:

Outstanding balance (RG):

If a student has a balance remaining from the current semester and is not on a payment plan with all payments current, we will put a hold on registering for future semesters until the balance is satisfied.

All payment plan payments must be current to remain on the payment plan through registration. All payment plans will be evaluated in October and March to see if payments are current. If payments are not current, there will be a hold on future registration until payments are caught up or paid in full.

We will send out weekly notifications of these restrictions starting six (6) weeks prior to the registration in the form of an email to students and notices with the tuition statements. The student can check their myNU account on the "Registration/Advisement" tab to see the current status of their registration restriction.