Registration Hold Descriptions

Below you will see the various hold types and information on how to resolve them:

“RG” — Registration Hold (STUDENT ACCOUNTS OFFICE — 716.286.8300)

Student has a tuition account balance, which may reflect pending aid. To view their current online statement with the current semester’s pending aid, the student needs to log in to WebAdvisor, click 'Financial Information' and 'Current Account Statement.' The balance must be paid prior to registration.

“IN” — Incomplete File Hold  (ADMISSIONS OFFICE -  716.286.8700)  

 The student is missing something that is required in their permanent file. The student should contact the Admissions Office to determine what documentation is outstanding.

“HE” or “ME” — Health Services Holds  (HEALTH SERVICES -  716.286.8390)

 The student’s Health Services file is incomplete. The student must contact the Health Services Office for details. They may just need to sign a form.

 “LO”- Loan Hold  (STUDENT   ACCOUNTS  OFFICE — 716.286.8300)

 The student needs to complete information for their Perkins Loan by going to  and completing their master promissory note and/or entrance interview.

“FV”- Verification Hold  (FINANCIAL AID OFFICE -  716.286.8686)


For a verification hold, the student may need to supply the Financial Aid Office with certain documents to disburse their aid. They should log in to WebAdvisor, click ‘My Documents’ and see if there are forms needed to disburse the aid. If the student needs to submit a federal verification worksheet, it can be found at Click 'FAQ,' 'Docs & Info,' and then 'Documents & Links,' and locate the correct form on the right-hand side. The student should print the “dependent worksheet” if they are a dependent of their parents or print the “independent worksheet” if they are an independent student. If they or their parents need to complete the IRS data retrieval, they would go back to and make a correction to the FAFSA. The address must be an exact match to what is on the tax forms.