Registration & Refund Policy


When a student registers, it is understood that he or she will pay in full all charges assumed at registration. Niagara University assumes that if a student is registered they are attending and participating in their classes.  Failure to attend classes does not alter the charges or entitle the student to a tuition refund. It is the student's responsibility to withdraw from any classes they are not attending.  The withdrawal date will be the date the withdrawal notice is received by the Records Office and processed.  Students will not be permitted to register for future semesters or receive their diploma unless the student account is paid in full. 

As always, the University reserves the right to modify methods of instruction by, for example, converting in-person courses to online only as necessary, in the University’s sole discretion, to protect the health and safety of the NU community, without refund or off-set of any tuition or fees paid. 

Committee on Refunds

An appeal for an additional partial refund of tuition and fees may be made to the Committee on Refunds, provided that continued attendance and/or residence by the student is made impossible by reasons of serious illness (supported by a doctor's certificate) or other emergencies; which, in the opinion of the committee, are clearly beyond the control of the student.

An application for refund may be filed in person or by mail in the Student Records and Financial Services Office, and must be made in writing on the form provided for that purpose. If the student is prevented by illness or distance from obtaining the regular form of such application, he or she should address a letter to the Records Office indicating the courses to be dropped and carefully explain their reasons, together with supporting certifications.