Pursuing My Passion

by Jacob Schloss on April 25, 2019
Pursuing My Passion

Jacob Schloss is a student in the master's of arts in interdisciplinary studies.

Entering undergrad at Niagara University, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my professional career. All I knew was that I loved history and wanted to create a career somewhere in that field. As the semesters progressed, the great faculty here helped me to shape that small vision I had into a definitive career path in a field that I had never expected: nonprofits and museums.

By the time I found myself graduating from my undergraduate studies, I had expanded my studies to include a B.A. in history, as well as art history with museum studies and several minors. I had many opportunities at Niagara, including an internship at the Castellani Art Museum, as well as participation in several events at the Buffalo Science Museum and a study abroad in Rome. The wonderful learning environment at Niagara is the reason I chose to stay here and pursue my master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies.

The benefits of entering this program at Niagara enabled me to create a schedule that is completely unique to myself, and to take the courses that I feel will best enable me to grow professionally instead of what a normal curriculum has decided. Not only has the interdisciplinary studies program helped me to continue my research into the art and museum world, it has also allowed me to include courses pertaining to nonprofit management and fundraising. This has proved instrumental in furthering my own experience toward further career opportunities.

Shortly after graduating with only my undergrad degree, I was immediately able to find employment in the museum field, as well as having the opportunity to become a lecturer at Niagara. Teaching had never been one of my professional goals, but what Niagara has enabled me to learn is that I do love teaching and spreading my own enjoyment of art to others. I have since taught two courses and given several guest lectures for other teachers. Just last spring, I was able to return to Rome on the same study abroad, but this time as a graduate assistant. On this trip, I was able to help the students find their way through the cities of Italy. 

The atmosphere at Niagara is a great experience; the campus is small and very welcoming with a wonderful and experienced faculty that is willing to help the students in any way possible. Coming to Niagara has been one of the greatest decisions of my professional and educational career, and I would greatly urge anyone to consider Niagara University for their undergraduate or graduate studies.

For more information on the M.A. interdisciplinary studies program, please email Dr. Mustafa Gokcek or by phone at 716.286.8195.