Minor Requirements

The public history minor is interdisciplinary, and includes five courses. Introduction to Public History, an internship, and Introduction to Grant Writing are required courses. The other two classes are selected from a list of public history-related electives. As part of the minor, students will hold at least one internship, but are encouraged to seek more in the public history field.

Required Courses (9 Credits)

  • ENG 351/LAM 351 Introduction to Grant Writing
  • HIS 204 Introduction to Public History
  • HIS 496* Internship or research project

Elective Courses (6 Credits)

Note: History majors must take three courses outside of the major.

  • FAA 201 19th Century Art
  • FAA 202 20th Century Art
  • FAA 207 Women in Art
  • FAA 210 Issues in Contemporary Art History
  • FAA 230 Prehistoric to Gothic Art
  • FAA 231 14th to 19th Century Art
  • FAA 232 Renaissance Art and Culture
  • FAA240 Independent Study in Fine Arts (Research Project)
  • FAA 352 Museum Studies
  • LAS 201 Latin American Art for the Twentieth Century
  • HIS 101 Western Civilization I
  • HIS 102 Western Civilization II
  • HIS 103 U.S. History to 1876
  • HIS 104 U.S. History since 1877
  • HIS 105 Introduction to Africana Studies
  • POL 101 American Government
  • POL 103 International Issues
  • POL 105 Comparative Government
  • POL 203 Introduction to Law
  • POL 331 Public Administration

** And other courses as approved by the coordinator of the minor.

Students taking HIS 496, the internship component of the minor, will complete an intern contract with their site supervisor, which will be approved by the coordinator of the minor. The student intern will keep a weekly timecard detailing his/her activities, which must be approved by the site supervisor. The student intern will be assessed at mid-term and end-of-term by their internship supervisor in concert with the coordinator of the minor.