Public History

The public history program provides exposure to a number of sub-fields taught by public history, museum, communications, public relations, and business professionals at Niagara University. Students who enroll in courses to support a public history minor will be able to:

  • Use critical thinking skills to promote history in a public environment in an ethically responsible way.
  • Synthesize historical materials for presentation orally and in writing.
  • Use technology to advance their public history work.
  • Understand the financial structure of a public history site.


Because the field of public history is vast, the goal is to engage the student in the basic concepts of working in public history, while allowing the student some specialization within the field. The student is exposed to key concepts in historic preservation, nonprofit management, human resources, budgets, grants and fundraising, heritage tourism and so on.


The field of public history encompasses museum studies, heritage tourism, oral history, nonprofit management, community activism, art, popular culture, the business world, and more. The minor is recognized by the National Council on Public History.